20 Minor First World Problems That Make Us Disproportionately Annoyed

angry annoyed cat face

1. When the shower curtain liner blows in and gets stuck to you

2. People standing too close behind you in line

3. Getting jerked to a stop when your clothes get caught on a cabinet knob

4.  Getting stuck on the sidewalk behind a group of slow walkers

slow sidewalk walkers wearing leather and chains

5. When a website page jerks up just as you click a link and makes you click the wrong thing

6. When YouTube plays an ad in the middle of your video

7. Stickers that leave a residue when you try to remove them

8.  When your earbuds catch on something and get yanked out of your ears

holding phone with earbuds in hand

9. Minions on everything

10. People who use ellipsis...all over their emails...for no reason.

11. Hearing the same Spotify ad between every song

12. People who watch loud videos on their phone in public

someone watching loud phone videos in public

13. When someone opens the cereal bag by tearing it down the middle

14. People who block the entire grocery aisle with their shopping cart

15. People who bite their forks when eating

16. Drivers who rev their engine right as they drive past you on the sidewalk

guy on motorcycle revving engine

17. When your closet hangers get stuck on each other 

18. People who carry on loud phone conversations while taking public transit

19. People who pronounce espresso with an 'x'

20. Internet lists that make you load a new screen for each point

guy on laptop frustrated with annoying website list