Prank Calls ( 33 Prank Call Ideas, Scripts, Videos & More)



Their is nothing more annoying than being on the receiving end of a prank call, UNLESS it is so well executed you are laughing your face off in the process.

When teens are feeling board, making prank calls is definitely a fun way to pass time or boost your mood. I also suggest you record yourself, because you never know when a viral moment may happen. 

But those "Is your refrigerator's running" (YOU BETTER GO CATCH IT)  jokes are old, so if you're going to commit to making a prank call, make sure your idea's worth it.

It should go without saying that prank calls to emergency services or people that are sick, or  not well are off limits. On this page we will give you  a list of funny prank call ideas that will have you laughing and crying at the same time.  We have also included some prank call videos, and sciprts.

The truth is, the informaiton on this page will make you a CRANK CALL NINJA!

So let;s get started with some ideas.

Prank Call Idea 1    Try this accent

Call any business and aske the say quesiton over and over but with a differernt accent.   We like to call restearaunts that we know don't sell hot dogs.  And ask do you sell hot dogs.  First time in our english accent, then British, then Scottish, Irish, etc. etc.    When executed well you will have the person on the other end crying laughing.

Prank Call Idea 2     Trapped in the subway

For this prank call, you'll have to find a number to a Subway resteraunt location, yes the place that sells sandwiches. You'll then call them and ask if they're really "the subway." Let them know you're trapped on a train and was wondering if they'd be able to help. When they say no, which they probably will, reiterate that they should be able to help since they're the subway.

Prank Call Idea 3   You can also ask the Subway employee ...
"When the next train is leaving?"


Prank Call Idea 4      I'm the mobile operator

You can try this prank on a friend or a random number. Pretend you're calling from the phone company and that you need to  conduct a mobile phone checkup.

Tell them that in order to conduct the test, you're going to need them to repeat a few phrases. Make them repeat really silly things like "I shower with my Zebra everyday." If you make it to the end without them hanging up, tell them to repeat this: "I'm the dummy who just fell for this fake mobile testing." This will probably give them a laugh.

Prank Call Idea 5            Which Pizza Do Your Want

Ask for the phone number to Domino's. If they give it to you, call them and ask them for Pizza Hut's number.

Prank Call Idea 6             Call any Pizza Place
Talk about the difficulties of being a vegetarian, then order a pepperoni pizza. 


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Prank Call Idea 7   Why did you contact me?

Often this joke works with the elderly. Call any number at random and ask why they contacted you. The victim gets angry immediately. Reiterate this several times, and finally, the person will hang on the phone.

This is the best prank if you get bored amid the day. You should call random phone numbers like this and perform the same trick, again and again, to view and listen to their reactions. You can additionally threaten the person saying that you will report them to the police station.

Prank Call Idea 8       Call any McDonalds

Tell them you would like to make reservations for two

Prank Call Idea 9    Find a secret relationship or affair.

Call someone, and a person you well know can tell them that you’re from a certain radio station. Try to pretend that you’re a radio station presenter and invited them to an important topic that asked them to request a song to their girlfriend or boyfriend.

In case the individual is in a good relationship, they will immediately share the name and song they wish to devote to their friend. Then interrupt the conversation and show that you are the friend of your partner and surprise the partner by hearing the name of another person.
Also, you can also indicate that your partner will leave you and that the victim will be tangled for some time.

Prank Call Idea 10                    You've won tickets!

Your friend might get mad at your for this one, so proceed with caution. You'll also have to try to disguise your voice if you're making the call yourself. Call a friend and make pretend you're calling from a local radio station.

Make sure to call them by their name so they think it's legit. Then, let your friend know they've won two tickets to see their favorite band or artist, but only if they answer a question correctly. The question they'll have to answer is, "If a cow laughed real hard, would milk come out of her nose?" When your friend responds, let them know they got the wrong answer and unfortunately didn't win the tickets.

Prank Call Idea 11                 Call: Anybody
Ask "Is this Luke?" When they ask who you are, say "I am your father."


Prank Call Idea 12                      Scorned lover

For this funny prank call, you can just choose a random number. Then, you'll call it and tell the person that's picked up that you love them and miss them so much. When they ask who's calling, appear upset and ask how many people call to tell them that they love them. After this, they'll most likely be super confused, but just continue to play along as if you're upset. Bonus points if you can fake cry. The other person will either try to console you or just hang up.  Regardless it will be a real laugh for you.

Prank Call Idea 13                         Call: Walmart
Try to reserve a shopping cart.


Prank Call Idea 14                       Call: Petsmart
Tell them you want your money back & try to convince them that your fish has drowned.


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Prank Call Idea 15      Haunted house

Call any  random phone number and inform them that you’re the former owner of their land/house. Try to pretend you are apologizing to them for making some inconvenience and inform them in a soft voice, “Listen carefully, the lady in this home died years ago by coming suicide, and her spirit is in their home.”

It is likely that the individual, on the other hand, is shocked and confused, so you have to make him think that it is a terrifying reality. Convince the individual to believe you and hang up: “Be careful tonight!” If a person is afraid of ghosts, they will certainly be afraid all day. So try this best prank idea.with someone your work with. 

Prank Call Idea 16            New Years Eve

Call: A Pizza Place On New Years Eve at 11:55, order a pizza, then at 12:01, New Year's Day, call and complain, "I ordered my pizza  last year!"

Prank Call Idea 17        You called me

This one's really simple. Call any random number and ask who you're speaking to. When they respond or ask who's calling since you're the one who called them, act confused and say they're the one that called you. See how long you can keep the call going since the person will most likely catch on and hang up on you.


Prank  Call Idea 18            Any Pizza Resteraunt 

Call: Pizza Place ask to rent a pizza.



Prank  Call Idea 19          I need some Advice

The perk of this prank call is if you end up speaking to a really nice person you might actually get some really good advice. In order to execute this prank call, you'll call a random number and immediately start describing a fake problem (or a real one since no one will know). If they really do give you advice, keep adding on details until the person catches on that you're pranking them. If they hang up, better luck next time.


Prank Call Idea 20               Prince Albert in a Can

Thiis is as old as is you refrigirator running, but worth sharing.  Call a tobacco or smoke shop and ask the if they have Prince Albert in a Can?  (It is a brand of pipe smoking tobacco)   When they say Yes, you guess it,  You say, you better let him out!

Prank  Call Idea 20          You've out of toilet paper!

Find the number of a hotel and tell them you're calling from one of their rooms. Let them know that you're stuck in the bathroom and are in need of toilet paper since the rolls in your room ran out. Tell them that you're really embarrassed so that they start feeling a little bad. See how long you can fool them, and maybe conince them to bring you a roll.

Prank  Call Idea 21         Call any Business

Act like you are a recording and say to speak to a customer press 1 and see if the press it.

Prank Call Idea 22        It's been so long!

This prank call joke is one ot the best crank call jokes you can do.Find a random number and the name of the person you're calling.  Sometimes I find a name of someone in my friends phone and they choose a name of someone they dont know in mine. 

You then call the number and start going off about how you've just found their number and wanted to call to see how they're doing. Tell them you want to catch up soon and see if you can get them to play along. If they ask you questions trying to figure out who you are, give some really elaborate, maybe even wild, details about where the two of you know each other from the swingers party or somethng. 


Prank Call Idea 23                            Any Store
When they ask, "May I help you?" say, "No, I'm just looking."

Prank Call Idea 24                 You own a haunted house

You can try this prank on someone you know and who you're sure won't be distressed by this prank call. Call the person and tell them that you're the previous owner of their home and that you need to confess something. Then, in a quiet voice let them know that they need to listen to you carefully. Tell them that many years ago someone died in the house and their soul haunts the home. Try to sound really convincing, but if you see it's causing the other person distress stop and make sure you let them know it's just a prank



Prank  Call Idea 25    Do you prefer to get a $ 5000 in cash or free trip?

This is a common type of prank calls that often work. Dial any phone number and simulate that you are the leader of a leading travel site. Talk quickly about the travel organization and inform them that you are the key member of this company. Congratulate the individual for winning the trip and provide them with a surprise bonus.

Surely the individual will get confused and with anxiety ask you about the trip or cash. If you can, ignore your questions and continue with the winning theme. Tell them they have won a free Switzerland trip (or you can utilize any other foreign country which they normally talk off). The bonus also includes $ 5,000 in cash, so you can choose a trip to Hawaii or use the prize in cash.



Prank Call Idea 26                      Krusty Krab 

Ask, "Is this the Krusty Krab?" If they say, "You might have the wrong number..." say, "No, this is Patrick!"    For you older people it could be Gomer and Sargent Carter, andy popular TV duo makes this phone call prank work.

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Prank  Call Idea 28                     McDonald's
Call McDonalds, say that you are stuck in their bathroom and someone needs to come and help you get out


Prank Call Idea 29                     False surveys

This is the best prank ideas that you should try. The joke of the survey is another fun way to keep a person busy with questions, so they do not get suspended the call immediately. Inquire or ask the person some silly questions like “Can you or Have you ever eaten a Elephant Egg?” Or “Have you seen the last episode of Baywatch?” (Understanding that the movie series arrived before our years).

You will laugh for hours for the answers that you will get from them. You can pose stupid questions similar to committing a person.


Prank Call Idea 30      Use the random statements to scare the person

Call a person or friend at random and surprise them with random data like “The car was Pink” or “I’ve seen you.” You can additionally use other dramatic phrases like this to scare your colleagues. Make the statements more and more dramatic to annoy them extremely.  "They had a nail through their ear"

If you know this person, you can additionally share some personal records or background to make sure the person you are seeing is safe. This most probably makes the joke more interesting    Like Your momma's name is Alice.



Prank Call Idea 31        Two Anybodies (On 2 Phones)

Put the phones together so they can talk to each other.


Prank Call Idea 32        Confirm booking at the adult toy store

Call your friend and simulate that you’re the leader of the online adult games store. Tell them that their adult game reserves have been confirmed and will be mailed to his address. You can receive items at any time and then you should be located at the address. A person may feel embarrassed or confused.

You can also send a message for confirmation to their mobile phone or the Internet on their computers, which says: “… The reservation for (false name) with (incorrect order) was made correctly and sent to your address” Contact the courier (Invalid phone number). This, in particular, will make a feeling of anxiety in the affected individual.  You can also send prank adult toy postcards here.


Prank  Call Idea 33              Breathe Deep

 This is one of the oldes prank calls ever, and as creepy as it always has been. Call any random number when they answer just breathe deep into the phone until they cuzz you out or hang up.



At the time of this writing it is the Holiday Season  so that you can have a lot of ridiculous ideas in your mind. We also have some great ideas to fool your friends on this holiday, and one of the best ways we would like to do for you is to joke.

Jokes are the simplest and most effective ideas that can fool your friends in just minutes. Talk to your friends, family or anyone else you meet to talk on the phone and play with them with the sense humor. The great part is that you can cheat more than one individual with the same joke and take advantage of them. 

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